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The New Stroker Pet

The New Stroker Pet: A multi-part story by Delia and Olivia

I’m Mistress Delia, and wouldn’t you LOVE to be the NEW guy in MY neighborhood. After this story you sure will be!

Sounding Mistress Delia

Teased by Mistress Delia

My friend Mistress Olivia lives near me and between the two of us we are a very naughty welcome wagon so to speak.  And recently we both noticed a new neighbor.

Actually, we’re on vacation right now! Our bodies are shiny and oiled up catching lots of eyes as we talk while laying on the beach in our sexy bikinis

Olivia says to me, “Hey Delia, I see a new guy moved in right around the corner.” Of course I have noticed him too. I tell her, “Yep, it’s time to break out the welcome wagon!” We laugh

...and Ms. Olivia teasing you?

…and Ms. Olivia teasing you too!

because we both know what that means! Olivia agrees and says, “Not just any welcome wagon, but the the naughty welcome wagon … the one that comes with lots of lube.”

We give each other the same look. See, we both are incredible cockteases, and we already know what we’ll do to that unsuspecting guy who just moved in.

Are you ready to get your lube?  Head to Mistress Olivia’s Blog and be sure to read part two of this sexy story there!

4 comments to The New Stroker Pet

  • Petey cream puff

    I noticed both of you outside tanning wearing bra/panty set, Being new to neighborhood and moving next door to you I don’t want to intrude. I have everything moved in and I want to get that done. Which I’m almost done with. Yes seeing 2 hot women with the one next door to me is great as I hope the 3 of us can meet and introduce to one another. I just hope they don’t know that I’m wearing bra underneath my shirt along with panties/leggings. 😳😳I don’t want to offend them also with my dresses/women’s clothes/bras/panties/yoga pants/slips/heels/boots/women’s tops/turtleneck sweaters/lube/magic wand/ flesh jack stashed in boxes as I’m bringing them into new place. Both of you are coming over to introduce your selves and help me bring in boxes of my collection😳😟😧

  • Kneel11

    Oh my Mistress, that is one lucky new neighbor. Just the mention of You and Ms. Olivia teaming up again brings back so many precious memories of when i was blessed to be the new guy. It certainly doesn’t seem to have been three and a half years ago the two of You started me on this wonderful journey of kinky exploration. i can hardly wait to see where this story goes, but if it is anything like ours, the new guy is one lucky individual. Thanks to You both for this effort and causing me to reflect on how blessed i am to have been able to spend two years providing lift under both Your wings for You to soar into Domme’ space and learn the true meaning of being a chastity slave and collared pet. i still feel truly blessed for the experience. Thanks again.

  • Delia

    Thanks, kneel!

    You know how much I LOVE to team up with Mistress Olivia! She is one great Mistress, and we love to tag team!

    🙂 Thank you for being such a great submissive!

  • Delia

    Petey, I think you WILL find a way to show off your naughty feminine ways as you adjust to the neighborhood!! LOL

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