The New Stroker Pet: A multi-part story by Delia and Olivia

I’m Mistress Delia, and wouldn’t you LOVE to be the NEW guy in MY neighborhood. After this story you sure will be!

Sounding Mistress Delia

Teased by Mistress Delia

My friend Mistress Olivia lives near me and between the two of us we are a very naughty welcome wagon so to speak.  And recently we both noticed a new neighbor.

Actually, we’re on vacation right now! Our bodies are shiny and oiled up catching lots of eyes as we talk while laying on the beach in our sexy bikinis

Olivia says to me, “Hey Delia, I see a new guy moved in right around the corner.” Of course I have noticed him too. I tell her, “Yep, it’s time to break out the welcome wagon!” We laugh

...and Ms. Olivia teasing you?

…and Ms. Olivia teasing you too!

because we both know what that means! Olivia agrees and says, “Not just any welcome wagon, but the the naughty welcome wagon … the one that comes with lots of lube.”

We give each other the same look. See, we both are incredible cockteases, and we already know what we’ll do to that unsuspecting guy who just moved in.

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