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Trusting A Mistress

Trusting Mistress

Trust is crucial in BDSM. Trust is the foundation your D/s relationship is based on. I personally strive to build trust here and in my personal life, because without trust, there can be no true dynamic. Without trust, a session is just fun sensations and fantasies shared until we hang up. Trust allows something deeper to be built.

Can Trust Exist in a Phone Based Relationship?

YES! Yes it can! I am very fortunate that many wonderful callers share their innermost fantasies with me. Though we can never meet, those who trust me to guide them on a kink journey have done incredible things with my guidance. I have had special men take on chastity, one for over a year now. I have groomed a truly devoted slave who shares many intimate secrets with me. I have helped a sissy or two discover the magic of cocksucking. And I have helped a true slave feel fully owned and controlled by Mistress. In these cases, some of which have lasted almost 6 years here at LDW, there has been true growth and change. None of that could have been possible without trust. I am so honored that I was given that trust by those who wanted a deeply real and meaningful D/s relationship.

What Mistress Delia Can Do With your Trust

  1. I will push you toward your limits in a safe, sane and consensual way.
  2. I will never push you farther than we have negotiated.
  3. When I decide something for you, I am doing it because I know what you need.
  4. I will challenge you to go farther than you ever imagined you could!

Most of all, we will both celebrate your successes, and explore together. You are never alone in your journey!

9 comments to Trusting A Mistress

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve done many a call with you along with Ms Olivia//Ms Violet/Ms Alyssa. It’s so hot how all of you can make/dress/turn and keep me as a girl!! I do have full trust with you and the ldw mistresses. I love how all of you corce me into feminizing me against my will giving me soft lipstick kisses on my cheeks to weaken me. I’m so glad that all of you have made me into your cream puff girl and I hope this continues into 2017 and beyond.

  • Empress Rayne

    So great to highlight the importance of trust even in a phone based D/s relationship. So often callers tell us things that they would never tell anyone else and it is not about anonymity…it is based solely on the trust we develop with them.

  • e{MD}

    Dear Mistress,

    When W/we started O/our D/s connection, 39 months ago, in a few days, i was still a neophyte in the area of BDSM…

    Oh, i had experienced a few of the practices but had never really gotten into it and how i was introduced to You helped a good deal in allowing myself to TRUST You… from the start, I should say, as W/we embarked into this wonderful Journey…

    As You remember, One of Your Fellow Mistresses introduced me to You and the TRUST i had invested into Her transitioned into the TRUST i was able to build over time in O/our own connection…

    And while this was happening, You were watching me and building TRUST as well…

    Which led U/us to present days as W/we experience genuine TRUST in One/another…

    Although W/we have never met and despite the fact that W/we will never meet, the mediums by which W/we relate to Each/other (email and skype) allow for a fulfilling and durable connection, the proof being that W/we have well exceeded 3 years by now…

    i have surrendered the cock i wear to You for You to RULE its destiny… and i am PROUD to say that i have followed Your instructions / directions and Your guidelines to the letter since the very first day… and to my belief, my behaviour and my handling of Your property has met with Your expectations and approval all along… give and take a few fails that You know about… and for which i have apologized to You…

    I am PROUD of what I was able to accomplish under Your Ownership and I thank You for Your continuous guidance…

    And as You were telling in a recent post, I have been without an orgasm for over a year now and You have not granted that long-awaited orgasm yet…

    I will be honest, Mistress and say that I fear the day when You will command that orgasm as it could be like losing the magic of denial… which keeps me aroused and ready for You at all time… for all that You have in mind…

    And although I fear to CUM… I do crave for the ORGASM, as I have reached a point where I am not sure anymore… the ACHE is permanent… being so very real in my daily life… and stroking and edging seem to be the best if not the only medicine under the circumstances…

    And then, I TRUST, Mistress, that, as usual, You will know what to do, what to command, what to ask from me that will permit me to behave and progress as You expect me to… keeping in mind that my ultimate and only goal is to please You, Mistress…

    Thank You, Mistress.

    I am Your devoted slave


  • Mistress Sierra

    Trust. Yes, it is truly the foundation of any D/s relationship. It is so monumentally important for mutual trust to exist between a Mistress and her slave. Of course, it helps to have a caring and experienced Mistress such as yourself to guide a submissive along his or her journey into the fetish world. Your clients are so very lucky to have a woman like you to lead them!

  • J

    Nice post, Mistress Delia. Trusting has been difficult as we start our journey, we may have to negotiate limits in more detail before continuig.

  • It is nice that we can build trust with our submissives in a D/s relationship, and I’m happy to work for a place where they can place that type of trust in us. Especially after a session, we can make sure that they are still doing well! Great post!

  • Ms. Delia, I have witnessed firsthand your skill at building trust and establishing control with your clients. You are an expert at phone domination, and any potential client should feel absolutely confident you’ll make all of his dreams (and a few of his nightmares) come true! 🙂

  • Kneelcc

    TRUST is essential to explore the kink continuum of BDsm. Without TRUST, how can one ever be comfortable enough to share those deep, dark curiosities and fantasies one craves. Once those initial desires are met, TRUST is strengthened to explore deeper levels of kink, have prejudices set aside, to allow preconceived boundaries to be pushed, and limits expanded.

    Mistress Delia, please know how much i adore the TRUST, we have nurtured over the past five years. YOU have helped me uncover so many fun, naughty, and interesting experiences under Your guidance and tutelage.

    Thank You also for including our special relationship as an example to others and the potential for the incredible journey we have shared thus far.

    i would also be remiss to not mention that TRUST must be mutual for a kinky relationship to flourish. Thank You for trusting me to communicate my needs, use my safe words when appropriate, and knowing the depths of my commitment to Your pleasure.

    Thanks for the journey thus far and know how excited i am to see what uncharted galaxies we can explore in 2017.

  • I am extremely aroused by how You look in this picture.

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