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Orgasm Promised

We are ALMOST at the end of our sexy stroke tease story by me and Ms Olivia. Do you think we will let our man cum? Do you? Here is part 9 for your stroking pleasure! The Tease is ON! 

Enjoy and do leave comments and you might find YOUR scenes and ideas in . . . → Read More: Orgasm Promised

Pindick Contest Humiliation

Pindick Humiliation at the Fetish Party, Part 2 Punishment for the Smallest Dicks

If you remember the last pindick post, we had finished up with two pindicks arguing over, of all things, who had the SMALLEST penis.

The way the Head Mistress handled the two dandies who had been squabbling was classic. It involved . . . → Read More: Pindick Contest Humiliation

Mind Fucking Set of Role Plays

Playing in Your Dreams

After a long tease and denial session, with so many ruined orgasms, my slave’s cock and balls have been drained. He lies, sleeping fitfully.  I know he’s fallen into a deep sleep, and it’s the perfect time to attach my new mind fucking dream generator to him.  As he begins . . . → Read More: Mind Fucking Set of Role Plays

It’s Better with Cock Control

I know you have been hard and horny for the next part of the sexy stroke tease story by Ms Olivia and me? What will

happen to our HANDY man?? Here is part 7 for your stroking pleasure!

Enjoy and do leave comments, and you might find YOUR scenes and ideas in another sexy . . . → Read More: It’s Better with Cock Control

Pindicks on Display

Pindicks On Display

To show you the wonderfully twisted mentality of SPH, I’ll share a spectacular scene that I saw at a fetish club.  The event was advanced billed as SPH on Stage, Up Close And Personal!  It was standing room only as the curtain rose.  Behind it three mistresses standing guard over seven hapless . . . → Read More: Pindicks on Display