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What Cock Control Really Means

No More Masturbation

Okay, not really.  It’s just that, now that I have control of your cock, masturbation is no longer a solo thing. From now on, your stroking will be under my explicit instructions – guided masturbation, if you will.  You will not touch or play with your cock unless I tell you . . . → Read More: What Cock Control Really Means

Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Orgasm vs. Ejaculation

One of the things a good cock tease knows is the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.  Despite what most men think, they aren’t the same!  As a male, you really don’t want to orgasm! You want to ejaculate.  It’s biological and hardwired into you by millions of years of evolution.  Ejaculation . . . → Read More: Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Humiliated by Dildo

It’s So Much Bigger, Isn’t It

Are you ready to be humiliated by my strap-on?  I’ll bet you are, I can see it in your eyes.  Thing is, I want to see it between your legs.  Go on, get naked for me, strip down and let me see how excited you are to be . . . → Read More: Humiliated by Dildo

Why I Lock Up Sissies

Chastity is not a Punishment

I think there are many sissies, and even some Feminization Mistresses, who look upon chastity as some type of punishment.  The belief seems to be that we are locking away your sissy clit because it is a sissy clit.  If you weren’t a sissy, it would just be a . . . → Read More: Why I Lock Up Sissies

Whore School Appearance

BDSM Lifestyle Discussion

Last night, I made an appearance on Whore School, Mistress Harper’s SEXY and Sultry Cock Radio Show!

And it was not just me! Jack was in the house, too! Oh, what fun we had sharing secrets and answering questions from the chat room.

What did we get asked on Whore school? . . . → Read More: Whore School Appearance