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Pindick Humiliation

Kevin Gets Some Pindick Humiliation

You all know my SPH slut, Kevin.  Recently, he wrote me about how he was humiliated on a call with Ms. Bella.  I can’t really tell if she humiliated him, or he humiliated himself!

Forgot To Fluff

I scheduled a call with Ms. Bella, because you were on vacation . . . → Read More: Pindick Humiliation

Lust In Wandering Eyes

Lust In Wandering Eyes My Eyes Are Up Here

Look at me. Not between my legs.  Do you really think you have any chance of earning that part of me?

And stop looking at my breasts, or my legs, or my beautiful ass.  Look at me. At my face. Can’t you concentrate? Don’t you . . . → Read More: Lust In Wandering Eyes

Does Being A Sissy Make You Gay?

Does Being A Sissy Make You Gay? Do You Dress Up?

Of course you do, you’re a sissy.  Unlike men who want to fantasize about being a cuckold or sucking cock, I don’t know many sissies who just dream about dressing up.

They may dream about what they could wear, but they all dress . . . → Read More: Does Being A Sissy Make You Gay?

Three Types Of Prostate Massage

If you are following the Masturbation May Thread, Ms Harper posted Yesterday.

Three Types Of Prostate Massage

Okay, there’s probably more, but these are Ms. Delia’s favorites.

No Pleasure Milking

Let’s start with the most difficult one first.  Milking with no penis stimulation.  It takes the most time and you really need an experienced . . . → Read More: Three Types Of Prostate Massage


It’s Masturbation May You Need to Check Out Enchantrix Perks

We have a new website here at LDW.  It’s called Enchantrix Perks.  Right there on the splash page, it tells you what it’s all about – Special Extras just for our loyal subs, slaves, sissies, cuckold’s and pets!  We’ll be posting contests, events, and . . . → Read More: It is MASTURBATION MAY!