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Pindick Humiliation

Kevin Gets Some Pindick Humiliation

You all know my SPH slut, Kevin.  Recently, he wrote me about how he was humiliated on a call with Ms. Bella.  I can’t really tell if she humiliated him, or he humiliated himself!

Forgot To Fluff

I scheduled a call with Ms. Bella, because you were on vacation and not available.  Normally when I go on cam I do a little fluffing beforehand, but for some reason, this time I didn’t.  So, as I flipped on the camera for her for some guided masturbation , I pulled down my boxers when at my smallest flaccid state on cam. 

Pindicks Can’t Hold Out

Her reaction was immediate and she said in a mocking sympathetic like voice almost as if talking to a puppy:  “Awwww you’re a little guy, does the little guy want to try and get hard and play for Mistress?”  My entire face felt flush and I was overcome with a powerful feeling of shame and embarrassment I guess. But it also made that still small and flaccid cock start twitching. Then I felt the pressure and was overcome and was like fuck I’m going to cum and reached down and furiously stoked my still flaccid dick and did indeed cum hard with a small flaccid cock. 

A soft orgasm!  I think those are even worse than ruined ones!  I’m sure Ms. Bella was quite disappointed too.  Did she tell you you could cum, Kevin?

How Small is Your Penis?

More Humiliation

It was fucking embarrassing. And she was just laughing. Normally I was and am a good stroker with lots of control and can be teased and edged for long periods. (I will vouch for my SPH slave.  He is quite the good stroker and I have teased him for long periods.) I just put that session out of mind and vowed to never expose myself on camera without a little fluffing again. But that was before chastity of course. Oddly though I don’t feel as exposed, vulnerable, and ashamed when my cock is locked up and a Mistress is seeing my cock in that same small state. It’s like the cage provides some comfort and security somehow.

I think that’s because we have the right size cage.  Can you imagine how humiliating it would be if it was too big, and you only filled half of it?

6 comments to Pindick Humiliation

  • mike

    Early in life I noticed that if girls joked about small or tiny guys that most guys could laugh.
    But if you did not laugh (or could not) girls usually picked up on that. They noticed who was amused and who was not. Some years later I remember a college girl telling me there was a “pecking order”. She said “little fellows are at the very end of the line”. At the time I blushed but I have thought about her saying that like a million times and for some reason now find it erotic. Still embarrassing but erotic. Why I don’t know.

  • I’m sure SPH slut Kevin does feel like shit, but maybe remembering that most little dicks cum quick will soothe him a little. It is difficult not to talk down to small men. I suppose it’s because what makes them manly just isn’t there. I hope the cage helps.

  • Mike

    I believe that if you are small you basically know it. I have had women “talk down” to me and it feels like they are connecting to a sort of truth that I carry. When a woman honestly humiliates me it makes me feel deeply connected to her and needy of her. However she has to be honest in her feelings or it does not do the same thing.

  • panty puppet

    Who is this Ms. Bella you reference?

  • Delia

    Someone who was here before.

  • Delia

    Honesty can be both connecting and humiliating. I hear that. I like this comment. Thanks. Mike!

    Ms. Delia

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