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Submissive Training Ideas

3 Submissive Training Ideas

I have some favorite training protocols I love submissive to learn and to endure. I put my subby hubby, Jack through these three examples, so enjoy the peek behind the naughty curtain in Ms. Delia’s bedroom, and do think about what training I will put you through!


There’s nothing . . . → Read More: Submissive Training Ideas

Why I Like Edging

Why I Like Edging You’re Always Aroused And Excited

When you come to me for some teasing, edging and delayed orgasm play, I’ve noticed that you’re already aroused, horny and excited.  Maybe not if you’re a new stroker, but once you get how the game is played – how I’m going to guide your . . . → Read More: Why I Like Edging

THE 3 “O’s” of Orgasm

THE 3 “O’s” Right this minute, I have one poor little fellow completely under my thumb: he’s in the throes of THE 3 O’s and . . . he’s waiting . . . waiting desperately.  You ask what are THE 3 O’s?  Read on to see if you want to try YOUR luck with me.  It’s . . . → Read More: THE 3 “O’s” of Orgasm

My BDsm Life

My BDSM Life

A lot of my callers wonder what life with a subby hubby is like.  It’s not all sex and games (okay, it’s mostly sex and games!) but I think it’s fairly typical of a Female Led Relationship.

Jack Goes To Work

That’s right, Jack has a job.  Unlike how porn likes to . . . → Read More: My BDsm Life

Do You Have A Small Penis?

Do You Have A Small Penis? Is There An Upside To Being Hung Like An Elf?

My favorite SPH slut, Kevin, contacted me the other day, and we had quite the discussion about if there is any upside to having a micro-penis.  Well, we did come up with some stuff, and I want to provide what I’m . . . → Read More: Do You Have A Small Penis?