THE 3 “O’s”

Right this minute, I have one poor little fellow completely under my thumb: he’s in the throes of THE 3 O’s and . . . he’s waiting . . . waiting desperately.  You ask what are THE 3 O’s?  Read on to see if you want to try YOUR luck with me.  It’s voluntary . . . kinda.

The first O: OBEDIENCE

Noun.  Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.  It helps that I’m hanging something over his head.  This could be anything the male mind craves.  Perhaps a scheduled phone sex date?  Or a surreptitious visit to a Victoria Secret many miles from your home?  Or an embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying, or shameful upcoming blog of mine featuring you as the main event, for all the world to see?

The second O: OBSESSION

Noun.  The domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire.  You’re consumed by someone or something that repeatedly invades your mind, leaving you breathless, hard, or both.  That something might be sexual and really naughty, hence your erection.   What’s your obsession?  Tell me.


Noun.  A condition marked by the absence of the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation and, for the male, associated with no ejaculation.  Yes, my little jerkaholic is denying himself because . . . because I told him to.  Here’s where the semi-voluntariness comes in.  He made a pledge to follow my instructions: while tightly cupping his precious balls, he repeated after me:

An Orgasm-less Mantra

Mistress Delia, I promise to keep my word so true
Though it will cause these berries to turn quite blue
If I disobey, bad karma will surely come my way
Because you won’t let me come ’til Christmas Day


Sex is primal and central to our lives, so it’s natural for a man to hesitate before leaving his orgasm outcome to my whims.  My little hero is torn because he so enjoys my attention; he believes that high stakes drama will turn my head, and convince me of his commitment and sincerity.  He understands that I will be disappointed if he disobeys my NO ORGASM ORDER.  He’s worked so hard to earn my attention, trust, and admiration.
My affection is so very important to him.  He’s ensnared in the web that I’ve weaved.  I fully understand his vulnerability and take very seriously my responsibility for his masturbatory fate.  I don’t want to demand more than he can handle!  Kind Mistress that I am, I allow him to edge each day . . . but not too many times: too many edges might cause those little twins of his to ache terribly.  (Well OK, maybe I do assign too many edges sometimes.  I’m not perfect!)
I must give you some advice here.  DO NOT become a whiny bitch and DO NOT pester me for orgasm relief.  That will only convince me to prolong your SANS orgasm sentence.  Have some class.  Be brave, not some dog in heat.  Maintain your composure, man.  If you want temporary relief, run a marathon or two.  Your orgasm is, in truth, a small matter.  What does the wider world, with all of its immense problems, care about your ejaculation status?  Revel in your suffering.  And calm down, your time to come will come.  Know, however, that if you want my continued affection, you must be patient, cooperative, and behaved.
Would you like to explore the 3 O’s with me?  If you are daring, you can try to convince me that the final O should be “ORGASM.”  Be forewarned: if you don’t impress me, you’ll get an orgasm all right, of the ruined kind.  If you persuade me, your orgasm will be sweetly fantastic.  Think carefully before you take this challenge. Give me a call, killer.