Effort Vs. Perfection

Do I Expect Slaves To Be Perfect?

Short answer, no, I don’t.  What fun would it be if you came to me perfect, without any need for training?  There would be no reason to discipline you.  Oh, what am I saying! Even if you were perfect, I’d spank, flog and cane you just because I could!  What I do expect is that, as a submissive, or a bottom, or a slave, that you are respectful, obedient and attentive.  I also expect that you will give every effort to please me.

Maximum Effort Will Please Your Mistress

Whenever I’m working with and training a submissive, especially a new one, it is important to recognize that the evidence of effort is what is key, not the degree to which a submissive is successful at a given task, especially at first.  If it’s your first time stroking to my guided masturbation instructions, being spanked over my knee, or sucking on my strap-on dildo, you may not be entirely successful.  If you try your very best however, that’s what will please your Mistress.

Effort Is Rewarded

If effort is encouraged and rewarded, a submissive’s own drive to please will lead him to perfect the task in time.  You see, if you please me, and show me you’re willing to try to complete any task I give you as best you can, I might reward you with a ruined orgasm.  Something is better than nothing. And if I tell you, next time, if you do it exactly as I say, I’ll let you cum?  Well there’s some motivation right there!  I may be a sadistic and cockteasing bitch at times, but it’s not my goal to crush your spirit.  I want to make you grow in your submissiveness.

Have a Happy Independence Day!!