3 Submissive Training Ideas

I have some favorite training protocols I love submissive to learn and to endure. I put my subby hubby, Jack through these three examples, so enjoy the peek behind the naughty curtain in Ms. Delia’s bedroom, and do think about what training I will put you through!


There’s nothing like having your submissive – hubby or not – pick out a nice hand of ginger at the grocery store, knowing it’s going to be in his ass that night!  I not only have Jack pick it out, but then I have him whittle it down to a nice butt plug shape.  It just adds to the humiliation!  Then I put him over my knee and slowly insert it into his bottom.  Sometime, I let it sit there and begin to burn, other times I’ll just start spanking his ass straight away!

Face Sitting

I’m not talking about Queening.  I am talking about what I refer to as the face-fucker dildo gag! Oh I LOVE it! You all know Jack surprised me with this on one of our vacations, and it’s become quite the favorite since then!  I forgot to mention that in my BDSM Life that a lot of nights, I’ll slip the smaller cock end into his mouth and then ride that bigger dildo when I sit on his face.  I think he likes sucking on the cock in his mouth while he watches me bounce up and down!

Using a Humbler

This is one toy I don’t have!! Can you believe it?  However, I know many who use them, and have used humblers on others before. Do you have a humbler? Ohhh..there’s nothing like slipping a Humbler over a man’s ball sac and pinning it behind his thighs to ensure 100% compliance with whatever I want to do.  Who says “no” when their balls are stretched out and they can’t get out of a groveling position?  You know what they say.  “Grab ‘em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow!

Let Ms. Delia know what your favorite training sessions have been! Remember to always BEG for Mistress!