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Why I Like Edging

Why I Like Edging

You’re Always Aroused And Excited

When you come to me for some teasing, edging and delayed orgasm play, I’ve noticed that you’re already aroused, horny and excited.  Maybe not if you’re a new stroker, but once you get how the game is played – how I’m going to guide your masturbation and tell just how, when and what to stroke on that leaking cock – you’re ready before we even start.  I can do this with you every day, and before long your dick starts to respond well before play actually begins.

You’re Mind Goes Numb

As edge after edge hits you, your mind starts to go numb.  Maybe you’re reaching subspace, or maybe your entire being is just so focused on the sensations of pleasure coming from your cock and balls that you just seem to lose yourself.  That’s why I love to tease Jack, or have you strokers on cam.  I love seeing that look of bliss on your face as you edge for me over and over again.

You’re So Hard

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I do not like floppy, flaccid penises.  I’m not a fan of dick pics (unless they’re teeny, tiny pindicks…I can’t get enough of those!), but if you’re going to send one, at least end me one where it’s rock hard.  And, as every cockteasing Masturbatrix knows, the more you tease it, the stiffer and harder it gets.  When Jack’s is throbbing and twitching, and that head expands and starts to turn an angry purple, I just can’t help edging him even more so it will stay that way as long as possible!


4 comments to Why I Like Edging

  • Alex

    I think you might laugh at my dic pic. I’m a black guy that measures a full 5 1/2 inches.

  • Oh, Ms. Delia,

    Edging is so so so naughty, isn’t it? I *love* how you described the guys’ faces as they edge over and over for you… how did you say it?

    “I love seeing that look of bliss on your face as you edge for me….”

    Yes! Yes! I, too, love seeing that beatific look they give… that they freely offer their Mistress.

    I would really enjoy hearing men’s descriptions of that edging place, how it *feels* to them.


  • Delia

    That must be a pretty funny sight to see, Alex!

    I agree I might laugh.

  • Delia

    Maybe the guys will chime in. Maybe I will do an edging interview… Hmmm!

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