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Tell Me What You Stroke To

Tell Me What You Stroke To

What Goes In Your Spank Bank?

Do you realize there’s over 7 ½ years of blog posts here at Beg For Mistress?  Fem Fabulous goes back just as far.  Then there’s the posts I’ve put up on sites like May I Cum, Sissyville, the various Bootcamp sites.  That’s a lot of fodder for your Spank Bank, isn’t it stroker?  Don’t deny it, I know you read my blogs and jerk off to them.

What Fantasy/Fetish Gets You Off?

What particular fantasy, what special fetish, when you see a blog title mentioning it, compels you to click on it?  Is it guided masturbation blogs?  Sissies being used, their mouths full of cock and anal cherries popped?  Blogs about spanking, or cuckolding?  Maybe it’s one of the blogs where I write about real life sessions with my subby hubby, Jack, hmmm?  What is the thing that gets you reading and re-reading, furiously stroking your cock, rubbing one out?

You Should Do This When You Masturbate To My Posts

Whenever you get that dick out of your pants – or maybe you just rub it through your pants! – to one of my posts, I want you to do one of three things.  The first is leave a comment to let everyone know how you have no control over your cock, how just my written words alone sent you over the edge and made you cream your jeans.  The second is to practice some control, keep that cum in your balls, and email me all the details.  Which post, why it got you so hot and bothered, what you thought about while beating your meat, and then, ask my permission to cum.  The third?  Well, that’s only for serious cock control candidates.  Call me up, and let’s see if we can re-enact and fantasize about the post that got you so, so horny!

10 comments to Tell Me What You Stroke To

  • pony

    The main thing that makes me stroke is the pics you post–case in point! wow! Also the ones when you’re in full black body suit and high boots, or lingierie.

    Also subjects of edging and chastity drive me crazy. Our last calls about my enslavement to you still haunt my mind daily.

  • Petey cream puff

    I admit that reading your blogs do get me hard and off😢😧😳especially when you dress/feminize and turn guys into girls like you and Ms Olivia did to me in second lips. Just seeing what both of you did to me gets me hard and off creaming my panties. I so want to find women to feminize/dress/kiss me for real.

  • cuddles

    I make sure to read all your posts Mistress but my favourites are when you write about cuckolding and your real life.

  • D

    I stroke to you of course and I don’t deny it, I do jerk off to your cum eating posts when I can’t get a call with you. I jack-off to your 7 labors cum eating audio, it’s where I discovered cum drinking and toasting you for it! “Mistress Delia I drink this cum for you!”
    First: comment and let everyone know… just your written words send me over the edge!
    Second: control… keep my cum in my balls… oh no! that’s a tough one!… email you… all… the … details… can’t hold out much longer… 50 loads…
    Third: will… have… to… call…

    Eat cum, drink cum, slurp cum, lick cum, cum facial, cum on food, cum in mouth… cum cum cum!
    Damn, I love eating my own cum on cam for you Delia! I love it!

  • D

    … oh, and I forgot to mention. I jacked-off to the pic on this post too!

  • meddy

    As requested, I am commenting here to let everyone know you have complete control over my cock. Your words have sent me to the edge, but I ruined my orgasm. 🙁

  • Empress Delia –

    I would like to attempt to serve You, so You will be proud of me.

    I admit that I am a “stroker”.What gets me reading and re-reading is about the strength of Women, learning to submit to them as They wield all the power, as I treat them like an Empress.

    I would like to let everyone know that I have no control over my cock. Your written words alone send me over the edge and orgasm. I am going to learn control by keeping my cum in my balls. I hope I can E-mail You.

    I wish I could find a Goddess like You to marry.

  • I miss Your praise.

    I am learning that You are the Queen Bitch Goddess.

    I wish I could jerk to You, so I could feel emotionally close to You.

    I love how it isn’t only the men You control and dominate. I loved reading how You control the cheerleaders on the squad. Can You lead me wherever You want to? There is no one to help me. I realize now that no one will help me while You get what You came for!

    I hope You will rule and control me as You own me. I agree that I am NOTHING without You.

    I read Your blogs and masturbate to them.

    Blogs about school is what compels me to click on it.

  • Dacha

    I love the 3 O’s and top reasons a small penis is ok posts. I listened to both on my way to work and had to pull my shirt out to hide my erection in the elevator.

  • ChronicMasturbtor

    For me it’s the edging, masturbation, cfnm, humiliation for being chronic masturbator type posts that I love to read, and re-read… Here and at, in addition to sessions we’ve had over the last six years!!! Your voice is amazing, it’s captivating and controlling, comforting while you humiliate and tease mercilessly. I am really struggling to keep from going over the edge as I type this and think about how I can’t wait to have another session. The thoughts of returning to daily/weekly sessions are about to make me, I can’t hold it any, I want to finish in a call (if I am allowed)…

    Talk to you soon,
    –Chronic Masturbator

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