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Lock-tober Chastity Is Just Around The Corner

That’s Right, Your Cock Is Staying Locked In Chastity

I know chastity slaves, some of you have already been locked up for a long time.  Too bad!  Lock-tober is just one day away, and I’m certainly not letting you out now.

What would be the point?  To unlock that chastity cage and let you have . . . → Read More: Lock-tober Chastity Is Just Around The Corner

Pump For Ms. Delia

Pump For Ms. Delia Might Be Your Last Chance To Jerk Off!

You are good, so give yourself a hand!  Are you up for a little self-intimacy? Go ahead, caress yourself.  Let’s see you do some serious self-loving, some self-fucking.  You are now, fucking for one.  Fuck yourself.  Or maybe fuck by yourself.  Pretend . . . → Read More: Pump For Ms. Delia

Evacuation Kink

Evacuation Kink

Getting Kinky In The Caribbean was supposed to happen, but because of Irma, it did not. It will on a future voyage, but I had to make evacuation sexy because I am Mistress Delia after all!

Kink While Evacuated

Evacuation IS certainly stressful and is not something one would think of as . . . → Read More: Evacuation Kink

Fleshlight Chastity Training

Fleshlight Chastity Training A Masturbation Challenge

One of my chastity slaves called up the other day, desperate for release (I don’t know why, he’s only been locked up for 3 months!).  I made a deal with him, and told him to get his Fleshlight with the suction cup base, and attach it to the wall.  I told him . . . → Read More: Fleshlight Chastity Training

Ms. Delia’s Birthday Pinned Post

Update: I am home & safe from the evacuation, and have regular hours now as my cruise was cancelled.  I still am VERY excited for my birthday though 😀 They Say It’s My Birthday

Sometimes I take a picture as a THANK YOU for a sweet gift!

My birthday is coming at the . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Birthday Pinned Post