Evacuation Kink

Getting Kinky In The Caribbean was supposed to happen, but because of Irma, it did not. It will on a future voyage, but I had to make evacuation sexy because I am Mistress Delia after all!

Kink While Evacuated

Evacuation IS certainly stressful and is not something one would think of as sexy. Clothes, important documents, etc. However, I packed some fun and sexy toys in one of my bags because honestly, KINK relieves stress after bumper to bumper traffic for hours mixed with worry about what would happen with the storm. So, of course, I brought along some favorites, like panties for Jack and a strap-on, of course.

Once in the Hotel…

After hours and hours in the car, showers and settling in were in order. I unpacked all the clothes and put them away while Jack relaxed and tuned into the weather on TV. I took a shower first and dressed casually in a cute dress. Secretly underneath I had a bit of a surprise. I brought Jack’s clothes into the bathroom and got ready. I closed the curtains and turned on the flameless candles. Ambiance counts. The TV had one music channel, so I stuck with that. I laid out a paddle on the bed. Next to that, I put all the anal helpers like lube lube lube. Jack came out of the bathroom in the outfit I left him, a simple leather body harness and black lacy panties. I lifted my skirt and revealed my strap-on. Looking at my wicked grin, Jack smiled and said, “I think this evacuation might just be a lot of fun!”

The next few days were a mix of serious and fun to be expected, but I had to add in the evacuation kink! Remember with Ms. Delia even the most unusual day can turn sexy with a little sexy creativity.