Fleshlight Chastity Training

A Masturbation Challenge

One of my chastity slaves called up the other day, desperate for release (I don’t know why, he’s only been locked up for 3 months!).  I made a deal with him, and told him to get his Fleshlight with the suction cup base, and attach it to the wall.  I told him he could have 5 minutes with the Fleshlight, but he couldn’t take the cage off or use his hands to hold to Fleshlight. Then I told him, the only way he could do any of this was on cam, so I could watch!

What Do you think Happened To My Chastity Stroker?

Do you think he was able to make himself cum? It was so much fun to watch him try.  Every time he tried to slip his caged cock inside that soft, well-lubed pocket pussy, it would slide off to the side, or underneath, or on top.  I was laughing so hard – which I just think made him try all the harder!  I so loved watching his frustration. I mean, it was pretty obvious a minute or so in that there was no way he was going to cum, but he still tried so hard… poor chastised stroker!

Kinky Caribbean Evacuation, NOT Vacation

Now, this is important!  I am evacuated from Evil Irma. I should have been cruising as of 9-12, but Irma stopped that. I should be following my regular schedule, and will return home as soon as it is allowed! Believe me I AM being kinky, and you will read about it SOON so stay tuned!