That’s Right, Your Cock Is Staying Locked In Chastity

I know chastity slaves, some of you have already been locked up for a long time.  Too bad!  Lock-tober is just one day away, and I’m certainly not letting you out now.

What would be the point?  To unlock that chastity cage and let you have a few fleeting moments of fun?  Some of you have been locked for so long, why do you want to ruin it now?  Your chastity, not your orgasms!  I own your cock! I get to say when it’s unlocked.

You Were Looking Forward To Release, Weren’t You?

I know you were.  I just wasn’t thinking when I told you what your release date was going to be!  I never actually set a date, I just tell you how many days it’s going to be.

Or we play a little game like you get one day off for every orgasm I have, or for how many cocks you suck.  I really can’t help it if that day is today…or tomorrow, or sometime in Lock-tober!

Your Cock Can Stay Locked

C’mon, you’ve waited this long, what’s another month?  No, no amount of begging, or doing things for me and pleasing your Mistress is going to work.  Chastity slaves DO NOT get released during Lock-tober.

You know what though?  I’ll bet that release, when it cums maybe sometime in November will be even better since those balls will be even fuller, and even bluer than they are now!