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I Edge My Husband Because…

I Edge My Husband Because… Jack Has An Amazing Cock

You all know it.  I’ve talked about it.  I blog about it.  It’s probably one of the top reasons why I:

a) don’t cuckold him

b) keep him locked in chastity for very long!

I’ve actually had a few callers ask me, if I love his . . . → Read More: I Edge My Husband Because…

Submit And Obey

Submit And Obey You Want A Dominant Woman To Control You

That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Why you call a phone sex Mistress?  You want a sexy, powerful, controlling Dominatrix to take charge of you.

You need a Femdom who sets rules for you, who tells you what to do and when you can . . . → Read More: Submit And Obey

Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

For All The Stroke-a-holics Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

Are you a dedicated penis pumper?  A jerkaholic?  Be true to your hand, Mr. Masturbator – Just Say NO To PUSSY! Your fidelity to your hand is admirable: Resist pussy!

Please follow this important rule about masturbation.  Don’t do it alone.  Jack off in front of a dominatrix.  Please . . . → Read More: Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

Caught Masturbating By a Neighbor

Caught Masturbating By Your Femdom Landlady

I knew you peeked at me through your windows, but I also was peeking at you, so I KNEW! There you were, sitting at your desk, watching porn on your computer, wanking away, when the door slammed open, and in I strode.

You started to protest, but my withering . . . → Read More: Caught Masturbating By a Neighbor