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Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

For All The Stroke-a-holics

Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

Are you a dedicated penis pumper?  A jerkaholic?  Be true to your hand, Mr. Masturbator – Just Say NO To PUSSY! Your fidelity to your hand is admirable: Resist pussy!

Please follow this important rule about masturbation.  Don’t do it alone.  Jack off in front of a dominatrix.  Please begin to masturbate!  Would you do that for me, huh?  Please?  Pretty please, lover boy?

C’mon, strut your stuff for me; go ahead, make a spectacle of yourself. You, know, you really have masturbation well in hand. You lust for me, don’t you? For what’s between my legs.  Well, NO.  NONE FOR YOU.

Masturbate instead. Just masturbate.  Only masturbate.

Addicted Stroker Mantras

Do you see any Jerk Off Fuel around here?

“A day without masturbation is a day wasted.”

“Show me how much you love that beautiful hand of yours.”

Resisting masturbation is futile . . . unproductive . . . impractical . . . . and frankly, awful.”

By masturbating, you are committing a crime upon yourself: the act is a defilement and dishonorable.

You Are A Solo Sexual

Porn caught your eye.  And you fucking loved it.  You have crossed the point of no return.

You are now a pornosexual gooner.  Keep stroking.  Masturbation is sex for one.

You, sir, are a solo sexual; that’s because masturbation is your sex life.  It’s normal to masturbate hours on end.

Be normal.  You’re a stroke addict.  A little, mere fist fucker.  You know, we’ve been thinking about this backward: it’s your HAND that needs your PENIS, not the other way around.

12 comments to Dedicated Chronic Masturbator

  • jim

    I am somewhere between small and tiny and frankly it is like my hand is my girlfriend.
    I have come to accept it.

  • Kevin

    Delia! What a photo! So seductive. So in control. You are outstandingly beautiful. A golden hair Goddess. And this blog is wonderful. Wish I could hear your voice cooing the words in my ear. Any way you could add a recording “after the fact”? Or do I need to session with you to hear you whisper these embarrassing, emasculating, electrifying words? Do tell.

  • Delia

    Thank you so much lil kev!! Yes, you need a session soon.

  • Delia

    Glad to hear you have accepted your status, jim!

  • Goddess Delia –
    This picture makes me wish I was Your husband!

    I hope no one discovers that I am a jerkaholic.

    I will resist pussy for You.

    I would love to masturbate in front of You.

    I have begun to do so.

    For a woman as sweet as You, I will.

    I agree that resisting masturbating is futile.

    I am committing a crime upon myself.

  • Veronlanus

    Love your picture!! It makes evident both your tremendous beauty and the authority that shines from it. Yes!! Beautiful and commanding woman. It would be great to be owned by such a Mistress. Please make me yours

  • I feel like I have intense feelings of “love” for You!
    I am MORE than appreciative of the praise You heaped upon me about “pumping”.
    You have one of the most exquisite bodies that I have ever seen on a Woman!
    I am glad that You consider my fidelity to my hand is admirable.
    I appreciate how You encouraged me to masturbate. It would be my honor and privilege to do this for You.
    I have also read that You are considerate of Your subs “needs,” which increases my affection for You.
    I love how You encouraged me to do this for You.
    I hate myself for falling for You.
    I realize I am hooked; and, doubt I will receive anymore praise for lusting what is between Your legs.

  • Jim

    Spot on and amazing how you just seem to have crawled inside our minds and absolutely know “what” we are all about. You have no qualms in letting us know that you indeed “see” us for what we are.
    Outstanding. P.S. Your audio voice is unmatched.

  • Delia

    Thanks so very much, Jim!!

    I like that I help you to see who you are!

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I love masturbating…I love placing my cock in my hand….I love humping my cock with with my well lubed hand….and I love doing it on cam while mistress watches me and uses that oh so sexy voice to guide me, to tease me, to humiliate me….to be her stroker slut. Yes, I love masturbating and I love it even more when I get to do it for a sexy mistress.

  • Delia

    Oh PlungerBoy, I know and I have seen you masturbate on cam for me! Fantastic show always.

    Ms. Delia

  • Goonyfemboy

    Nnngghhh, I am a solosexual, pornosexual gooner! My handpussy is the only pussy my clitty’s felt… In other words, I’m a porn addicted, goony virgin! I haven’teven had my first kiss!

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