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LDW Halloween Party

What A Wonderful – And Sexy! –  Costume

Welcome to the LDW Halloween Party!  What a sexy, costume you have there.  Lace bustier, thong panties, thigh highs, and those heels!  How do you walk around in them?  And all in pink, too.

Funny, you never mentioned that you were a sissy before on any of our calls.  Oh, you aren’t!?? You just thought this would be something funny to dress in.  Well, I wouldn’t say funny.  Slutty, maybe.

Everyone Attending Has To Sign A Contract

Now, before you enter and take in all the devious delights that we have to offer here at The Enchantrix Empire, you must sign this contract.

It’s standard. It just says that you’re going to obey the Mistresses in whatever they ask of you.

You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?  That is why you’re here.

You’ll Be My Sissy Forever

Oh, my, you signed that awfully fast! Did you even read it?  I’ll bet you missed the last section, the one that says however you arrived is what you’ll be forever!

It’s actually a spell – okay, some think of it as a curse.  Can you feel your mind starting to become all feminine?  What’s that?  Why yes, I do believe we have a glory hole set up, and since only a few of you came as sissies, I’m sure there will be lots of cock for you to suck!

See, the spell is working already.  Before the night is over, you will be my sweet little sissy bitch!

Tune in to See Ms. Kellie’s post tomorrow and her Tumblr blog, Erotic Denial!


4 comments to LDW Halloween Party

  • kneelcc

    You know Mistress i couldn’t read this and not respond to the visceral reaction of all my chakras immediately. Especially since it is only six weeks until we get to celebrate the three year anniversary of the wonderful contract we signed. Yet, unlike many of Your fans You mention here, i did read, dissect, and embody each, and every word, as did You. As for staying the same for the rest of my life as i was when i signed it, i can never consider it a curse, nor am i considering ever checking out.

    There is no greater honor in my life than being YOURS. Thank You for bestowing such a privilege on me and working so hard all these years to keep our connection as strong, vibrant, and real, as when we first signed the contract. i so treasure what we have cultivated, nurtured, and allowed to blossom. i’m so glad this is not like an annual flower, much more the perennial, blooming, going to seed and beginning again in the fertile fields to again bloom perpetually.

    Thank You for accepting me without having to apply a single stereotype You mention above to who i am. You have brought out my true female persona, as well as enjoying my subbie male being as well. Your willingness to guide me to so many places along our kink continuum and being able to explore new regions of the naughty universe, push limits and stretch boundaries, means the world to me. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and i can hardly wait to continue it to new and uncharted regions of the energy spectrum.

    There is nothing i treasure greater than being “Ms. Delia’s, collared and contracted one”, without any other limiting descriptors. Free to morph my energy to always meet Your mood, desires, and needs of the moment; no matter how salacious and lascivious it might be. THANK YOU for being my owner, Mistress, and a wonderful friend who has made such a positive difference in my meager life.

  • Delia

    I am truly honored to have you as my collared one, kneelcc!!

    And let me say this… Your life is not at all meager. You are a wonderful person with so much to offer. I am glad that together we are enriching all of you!


  • Leave it up to Miss Delia to make sure everything at the EE Hotel is straight up & legal. It is our Duty as a Mistress, to keep our sissy friends, safe & beautiful.

  • Delia

    Thanks, Ms. Viv!! 🙂

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