Submit And Obey

You Want A Dominant Woman To Control You

That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Why do you call a phone sex Mistress?  You want a sexy, powerful, controlling Dominatrix to take charge of you.

You need a Femdom who sets rules for you, who tells you what to do and when you can do it.  You don’t just want someone to control your cock.  You want someone to control all of you.

Obey Her

It’s very simple to get what you want.

If she tells you to stroke and edge for an hour, then put away your denied cock and not touch it again until she allows it, then that is what you do.

If she feels you can’t be trusted to control your carnal urges and puts a cock cage on that dick, then you accept it with a “Thank you, Mistress.”

If she commands you to suck her Bull’s cock, you go to town on it like it is your last meal!  It’s as simple as being a man who submits and obeys

Communicate Your Limits

Now, this isn’t to say that if she tells you to do something that you just absolutely won’t do, the game is over.

That is why communication is so important.  You need to find a Mistress who respects your limits, whose idea of kinky fun is the same as yours.  Once you do though, remember this one thing.

Submit and obey.