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Are Compulsive Masturbators Also Premature Ejaculators?

Are Compulsive Masturbators Also Premature Ejaculators?

Premature Ejaculation is Caused by Compulsive Masturbation

What is Premature Ejaculation

PE is generally understood to be when a man continually has an orgasm before he can bring his female partner to an orgasm. I speak to many men who are premature ejaculators. So read that definition over, and evaluate if YOU are a premature ejaculator. How long does it take when you slide inside your wife or your female sexual partner, and you feel those soft and warm pussy muscles tighten against you? Do you even get in there all the way? Maybe you get in but can’t thrust. Can you last 30 seconds? How about a full minute of thrusting? I am here to tell you as a woman who LOVES orgasm through penetration if you answered yes to any of those questions, you are NOT satisfying any woman. I read an article that said, on average, it takes 10 minutes of penetration for a woman to climax that way after foreplay! So again, if you are a minute man or anything less than what she needs, you are a premature ejaculator!

How does Compulsive Masturbation Cause PE?

Ok. There is a bunch of science to this. Excess masturbation can fuck with your hormones causing an actual imbalance. This imbalance can lead to soft erections, poor penis performance, and especially premature ejaculation. So all you are doing when you masturbate every night in the man cave, while your wife is inside feeling disappointed as usual, is ruining your ability to please a woman even more.

Let me be VERY clear. If you are not giving a woman pleasure with your cock, or if you can not last inside of her until she is satisfied, then you ARE a premature ejaculator. The woman in your life is NOT happy nor is she satisfied. If this is you, you NEED to change!

Cock Control can Stop Premature Ejaculation

Do you want stamina? Oh, I hope so!What you really need is a Cock Control Mistress like me. I want to help you and will put you on a masturbation maybe even with chastity. Controlling your frequency is one way to help you right away. Next, we will work on Kegel exercises so that you can learn to squeeze and stop your orgasm and also get a harder erection. Finally, as you become more confident and your stamina improves, we will work on some individualized tips and tricks to make you finally satisfying, and not just selfishly satisfied.

If you are ready to overcome your premature ejaculation and poor sexual performance, give Ms. Delia a call, and get that cock finally under control. Your wife will thank me for it!

4 comments to Are Compulsive Masturbators Also Premature Ejaculators?

  • Petey cream puff

    This has happened to me with soft erections during calls as well as getting off to early into & during calls😢😟😳. With my confession about this you & Ms Erika have control of my cock in chastity and I’m glad I said this as its not fair to both of you/Ms Erika/myself and the mistresses. It’s hot how all of you have taken contro of me putting me in chastity along with keeping me dressed as your cream puff girl. This is who I am and so needed. Why fight/resist it. All of you are to hot and sexy to say no to and I do belong to ldw are their resident cream puff girl.

  • Shinyknob

    You are a very intelligent and insightful lady Mistress Delia

  • Delia

    Thanks, shiny knob!! I do so enjoy watching you masturbate!

  • Delia

    I know, petey!

    Too much masturbation can be a bad thing, so I am so glad Ms. Erika and I have you in chastity now. You will be so much happier!

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