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7 Days of Stroking

Here we go, sluts!  Your first 7-day challenge.  Make sure you follow all the instructions.  This week’s challenge is about stroking, it’s not necessarily about cumming!

Sunday – Lube It Up

I want you to buy a lube you are not used to using.  The wonderful and sexy Ms. Constance has a whole page . . . → Read More: 7 Days of Stroking

Masturbation Monday – Multiple Orgasms

One Reason Women Are Superior

There are a lot of reasons why women are superior and why Femdoms are able to control you.  Obviously, it’s because we have the pussy!  There’s something else though, and that thing is the fact that we are able to have multiple orgasms.  That means we can fuck you . . . → Read More: Masturbation Monday – Multiple Orgasms

2018 Beg For Mistress

Mistress Delia Has Some Plans

Mistress Delia has been thinking and planning based on some emails I was sent telling me your 2018 resolutions!  Remember my kinky cruise?  When one day was rained out, I sat in the spa and got deliciously pampered. That started my resolution thinking! I did some brainstorming about what . . . → Read More: 2018 Beg For Mistress

Sorry, You Aren’t Getting Any From Me, Part 2

You know what’s wonderful and unburdening about my 20 reasons: there is no reason for you to be ashamed!  Have FUN with this!  Enjoy being an enduring and endearing masturbator.  Celebrate self-sex.  There is nothing wrong here: no shame.

Be happy in your many confessions to me.  I know you have a wonderful capacity . . . → Read More: Sorry, You Aren’t Getting Any From Me, Part 2

Sorry, You Aren’t Getting Any From Me, Part 1

Perhaps your 2018 Resolution is to have actual sex. Being a solo sexual, maybe you want to really see what the buzz is all about. 20 reasons why I will not allow you to fuck me.  You are simply not part of the sample size of men who are allowed entrance to my meat . . . → Read More: Sorry, You Aren’t Getting Any From Me, Part 1