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Rules of Chastity, Part 2

So, I found these rules of chastity on the internet, and I’m not sure I agree with them all.  Make sure you check out Part 1 first.

Should She Always Cum First?

The third rule was: The husband should never be permitted to release unless the Wife has already done so.  Now, I’m of two minds on this.  The chastity slave’s job is to always make sure his Chastity Mistress’s needs, desire and pleasure come first.  Pleasure always seems to be equal to orgasm.

Now, in 99 out of 100 cases, if we’re playing with chastity, Jack isn’t going to get to orgasm until he has completely satisfied me. I mean, I need to be on the bed, spent, feeling and looking like a limp dishrag (but a beautiful, sexy dishrag!) before he’s allowed to cum.  However, there are the occasions when he’s done something genuinely pleasing, without getting me off, that earns him release.

Oral Sex

Rule 4 was the wife should never perform oral sex on the husband. WTF????  NEVER??? Now, I don’t know, maybe the key holder who came up with these rules has a pindick for a husband, and she’s blowing her Bulls like there’s no tomorrow.

Truth be told, there’s only one chastised subby whose cock I’m going to suck and that’s Jack.  Seriously, if you saw what a gorgeous cock he has, you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself away forever either (in fact, I know quite a few of you who can’t!).  Never say never.

Is He A Good Fuck?

Rule 5 was that the husband should never be made to feel equal to the Wife when it comes to sexual satisfaction. And why intercourse should be eschewed for cunnilingus and strap-on sex.  Again, of two minds here.  First off, no man is ever the equal of women when it comes to sex.

That’s what makes us superior and men the weaker sex.  We can go all night long and cum over an over again.  You pop once, and you’re ready to sleep.  With that said though, there are times a girl just needs cock.  I’ve had other Chastity Mistresses tell me that their subs wield a strap-on better than their dicks – so there’s something to be said for skill, whether it’s their actual cock or not.

Three more!  Check back for the next post.

4 comments to Rules of Chastity, Part 2

  • Petey cream puff

    Being locked up sex is out of the question and yes I’ve been told I’m useless now as vibrators/dildos will fill the need instead of me. 😢😧😮😞. And yes I am the weaker sex because of this and women are the better and superior sex. Being dressed up with lipstick kisses on my cheeks along with women’s petite body/d cup breasts all made up I’m no longer the strong guy I once was. You & Ms Olivia have taken away my masculinity forever.

  • This is one of those posts that makes you think, for sure. What really stood out for me was the way you clarified that pleasure does not always have to equate to orgasm or even be sexually related for that matter. One of the greatest attributes about men is that ultimately they DO want to please women in all aspects. They may not always openly admit it, but it’s often what drives them. So I agree that there are times when they should be rewarded for doing an extra good job outside of the bedroom too!

  • I love this thread Ms Delia.
    Can’t wait for the next 3 🙂

  • I laughed out loud with the blow job rule. Whaaaaaa ?????? That doesn’t seem right as a blanket “rule.” I not a fan of the “this rule applies to everything” type of thing — I often like to make up my own rules sometimes! ~laughs~ Hey, the woman is in charge that means SHE gets to set whatever rules she wants!

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