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Secrets Of Edging, Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1!

Prolonging The Edge

I’ll move from strong to soft strokes, from his vein filled shaft up to his head constantly, or give you varying guided masturbation instructions. It’s very important to change it up, to build on each edge, making it more intense, causing them to come on quicker.  Watching and feeling as your dick gets ultra rock hard!  I also let you relax for a bit after each edge.  Of course, those relaxation breaks get shorter and shorter! It’s all about stroke – edge – deny – repeat.

You Fail If You Cum

It’s ultimately your fault if you cum before I say so!. That’s why if you erupt before I’m done playing with you, I will properly ruin it.  I just stop all rubbing and stimulation as soon as your cock starts to expand and I know that jizz is racing up your shaft!  Then, you can also be sure there will be lots of post orgasm torment as I use all that slippery cum as lube and keep stroking your hypersensitive joystick, scolding you by saying: you’re so naughty, I didn’t give you permission to cum!

Orgasm As Part of The Tease

Of course, when I’m done playing with you and do believe you’ve earned a release, the teasing won’t stop!  I like to see just how crazy I can make you.  Watching you squirm, listening to you beg so sweetly for the orgasm you’ve been waiting so long for.  Which only I can grant.  And I can be just a bit sadistic, as I lean over, and whisper in your ear, “If you can hold out just five more minutes, I won’t ruin it when you do cum”!

10 comments to Secrets Of Edging, Part 2

  • I absolutely love edging a cock myself too. I think it makes the sensations more intense when someone else’s hand is touching it. The complete surrender in a man’s face and the quivering of his body, as I have my way is so hot. I get a thrill out of the disappointment he has when the orgasm is ruined!

  • That’s the kind of sensual sadism I enjoy most. Sometimes the denial of pleasure is the greatest pain to inflict. So simple and yet so effective and diabolically delish! I guess the reason they call it being on the “edge” or “edge-play” is because the sensation of tease & denial/prick play does dig into that dick like the double-edged sword of wanting to prolong the pain and yet still craving release.

  • I love your edging and tease & denial training programs … you give amazing instructions. All of your strokers say you’re the best because YOU know more about their cock than they do! I know that sounds weird for a woman to say but it’s true — a masturbatrix is an expert!

  • Of COURSE Ms. Delia knows more about a cock than a piddly masturbator who only knows how to fap away and squirt a mess. Ms. Delia knows how to get a man under control and actually PLEASE her with is cock! 😉

  • I see that Mistress Delia whom I like to think of as “The Velvet Hammer,” has written an exquisite Edging Blog.

    Edge play, the Edge of Ecstasy and the absolute control of this masked Sensual Sadism is also so close to my heart.

    Oh the delights of stopping and deflating Cock just enough to tease it up again. So many shades of blue balls!

    It almost feels like Christmas and we should “Deck the Halls” with them.

  • peterteasetoy

    I can imagine you dressed in some workout clothes, say a bra top and some extra tight yoga shorts, Ms. Delia. And going around to guy’s house as his personal cock trainer, and giving his cock a thorough edging workout, until you were satisfied with the results, even if he wasn’t! *adjusts erection*

    btw – I am to mention that I am completing the 7th Anniversary Assignment that Miss Violet *squirm* gave me.

  • Alice

    I em slave to mistress Delia
    And I ssseck kock for her
    I m in a dormitory with. About 20
    Beauties and they teach me How to be
    A do those she–males look so femminine l??let mess0age thruu

  • Delia

    Senual sadism makes me wet too, Ms Anna!!!

    50 shades of blue balls? I LOVE that!!

    🙂 Ms. Delia

  • Alice

    She –male.
    I will be a beautiful she male

  • Alice

    Movi5e ” 50 shades of blue balls “staring mistress delia and slave Alice

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