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Found Your Spank Bank

I Found Your Spank Bank And You’re A Perverted Stroker

I wasn’t looking for your spank bank, but when I was searching for that recipe in the browser history, all these…interesting…sites came up.  And did you really think you could save your Tumblr and porn favorites in a file that was called “Restaurant Menus”?  . . . → Read More: Found Your Spank Bank

Ramping Up Your Chastity

You’ve Spent A Long Time In Chastity

I Might think of YOU in chastity!

It’s been an entire year that your cock has been locked.  I am so proud of you.  You made it through the teasing and edging, the monthly ruined orgasms, the quarterly full releases.  You’ve become such a good and . . . → Read More: Ramping Up Your Chastity

How To Know If You Have A Pindick Problem

Wondering If Your Dick Is Small

If you’re wondering if you have a pindick? If you have to wonder, then you most certainly do!  Let’s be honest here, why would it even cross your mind if it wasn’t a small penis?  However, if you’re still on the fence as to whether you have an . . . → Read More: How To Know If You Have A Pindick Problem

Chastity Choice

A Choice Of Chastity For Jack

Chastity Mistress

Last night, I gave my subbie hubby Jack a chastity choice. I kept him right on the very edge as I rode him to orgasm after orgasm for me! Isn’t life as a Femdom grand!  By the time I was satisfied, I was pretty sure . . . → Read More: Chastity Choice

Cuckold Heaven And Hell

Cuckold Heaven

It’s finally happened, your hot wife has agreed to cuckold you!  You talked about it for many months, she talked dirty to you while stroking you or fucking you, telling you all about those hot men and how she couldn’t wait to get a really big, thick cock inside of her while . . . → Read More: Cuckold Heaven And Hell