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Chastity Choice

A Choice Of Chastity For Jack

Chastity Mistress

Chastity Mistress

Last night, I gave my subbie hubby Jack a chastity choice. I kept him right on the very edge as I rode him to orgasm after orgasm for me! Isn’t life as a Femdom grand!  By the time I was satisfied, I was pretty sure poor Jack had lost his mind! He was a squirming, sweaty, moaning mess. Laying down beside him, I wrapped my fingers around his throbbing and twitching cock and gave him a difficult choice.

How Do You Want Your Chastity?

“I can ruin you and lock you up, or I’ll leave you free if you promise to be good and not cum.” As he slowly processed his options I gripped tighter and squeezed him closer to the brink of climax, hoping that his dick would make the choice for me!  I knew he needed to cum so badly but I also knew he didn’t want to go back in the cock cage. I think he was trying to decide if a ruined orgasm and being caged was better than no orgasm at all.  “You know, if it’s taking you that long to decide maybe I should lock you up without even a ruined orgasm!“

Jack’s Chastity Choice

“Free!” he blurted out. “Please leave me free!” I could tell his full, blue balls were aching, and his cock was twitching back and forth, just as he felt the reality of denial slowly gripping him from within. “Good answer,” I replied. “You deserve a few more strokes for that.” I smiled as I teasingly inched him toward a tormenting edge.  Just as I knew he was reaching the point of no return I quickly got up and off the bed. It would have been so easy to cruelly ruin him and lock him up anyway!

Looking back toward the pile of frustration I had left behind, I gave Jack a final warning, “Remember, be good or I’ll lock you right back up!”

10 comments to Chastity Choice

  • sml_peter

    Very difficult choice Mistress, but mine would be different. After a long term denial, I just want to cum, no matter if it’s ruined or not.
    It’s too hard to “be good” with full balls and living with a perfect Goddess like you, I’d like a chastity device to help me not disappoint you.

  • Delia's Virgin


    That sounds like one hell of a decision for Jack to make on the spot like that. I’m glad that you’ve never put me in that spot. I don’t know if I could have made that decision myself, we both know I’m not good at being chaste for any length of time.

  • And of course subby hubby Jack bit his tongue until it b l e d just to keep you from having to train him to be a good boy and endure further torment. I’ve never known Jack to be a stupid man, so I know he didn’t allow his screaming cock get him into trouble!

  • Jim

    I would love a if you would lock me up for like 3 months. Then, you release me while on cam and force me to eat my giant load! Em, em good. I love you Delia!

  • Delia

    I would love to lock you up for 3 months, jim!!

    Cum eating too? YES!

    Ms. Delia

  • Delia

    You are SO right, Ms. Piper! Jack suffers so well with cock denial for me!

  • Delia

    It was quite a choice samuel, but he made the right one. I know you also would work to please your Mistress!

  • Delia

    Interesting comment peter!

    A ruined orgasm is just SO unsatisfying… Interesting!

    Ms. Delia

  • peterteasetoy

    A chastity belt really is like a set of training wheels, for denial Ms. Delia! You aren’t truly accepting and fully submitting to a woman’s desire for denial and control over your cock, when there is a lock taking away the temptation to do otherwise!

    Plus, the woman then has full access to give “a few more strokes” whenever she feels like it, without having to deal with hassles like locks and keys!

  • Delia

    I think I might be the cock-locking temptress, tease toy!!!!

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