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7 Labors & Audios

Cockteasing Mistress Delia 800-601-6975

Cockteasing Mistress Delia 800-601-6975


The Seven Labors and their corresponding audios will be here as they are put up around the Enchantrix Empire. Do you aspire to be a worthy slave to Ms. Delia? Well then, click each audio below, and complete each Labor, and report your progress.

The Labors


Because you do deserve it for you failings. Consider this the first labor and first atonement.


In a session you get the punishment and continued penance for failings as a man. No orgasm.

Just a little pain and suffering


The now stripped, penitent and punished devotee is surrounded in a mindgame by superior women, led by Goddess Delia. No orgasm.

Ms. Delia Loves CFNM Lessons!


Devotee shows discipline and dedication by a third round of self denial.

A Lesson in Riding an Edge for Ms. Delia

Cum eating

Continued training. Orgasm only with permission. He should be primed and ready by this point. I suspect the may speed through sessions 2-4 in fairly short order. 🙂

Cockteasing WITH Cum Eating!


Learning to watch with restraint and patience a man pleasure a woman in his life (imagined or real), so the devotee may learn to endure the sight of Goddess Delia being served by others should he ever be blessed with serving in her presence. Orgasm with permission and more cum eating.

Ms. Delia Feeds you a Cuckold Creampie


The final piece. This is so the sub/devotee will be prepared to suck cock should Goddess Delia order him for Her pleasure to please absolutely anyone, including another male. No orgasm.

Ms. Delia Teaches Cocksucking