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Pegging Guest Post by Ms. FIona!

To all the cyber slutpups in love with pegging:

This blog post isn’t really about you. Don’t you get it? It’s MY turn to thrust and pump. I want to a chance to grind and bounce straddling you. Don’t you want to have me tap into a whole new surreal pleasure? You see, my . . . → Read More: Pegging Guest Post by Ms. FIona!

Prostate Play

I recently received an email asking for help with prostate play.

Hello I’ve been playing with various prostate devices for several years now I can have many dry orgasms but as of yet have not be able to leak or ejaculate hands free I need a mentor and teacher

Masturbation Monday Prostate Play

. . . → Read More: Prostate Play

Finding a New Dildo

Finding a New Dildo!

Every once in a while it is time to go about finding a new dildo. Maybe it is your first time buying one. Maybe you need to replace a dildo. Perhaps you want to add to your collection. No matter the reason, with so many dildo selections out there, . . . → Read More: Finding a New Dildo

Stuffing the Submissive for the Holidays

I hope you are enjoying the LDW Winterfest! Ms. Olivia’s blog before mine dealt with 8 maids a milking, so that prostate got stimulated! Today, I am going to carry on that theme of anal play with “stuffing the turkey” or anal fucking!

Anal stuffing Mistress

There is a porn clip I love . . . → Read More: Stuffing the Submissive for the Holidays

Submissive Holiday Wish List

It’s The Holiday Season

Today is Happy Thanksgiving!  Controlling your cocks, while fun and sexy, is hard work – pun intended! Make sure you take time to thank our wonderful dispatchers today. Where would you be if they didn’t answer the phones and hook you up with your Mistress? Remember, tomorrow is Black . . . → Read More: Submissive Holiday Wish List