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Men Learning to Suck Cock

Men Learning to suck cock is something that Ms. Delia takes very seriously! I love hearing stories of my stroker sluts learning to suck cock, or taking a cock for the first time! Cock sucking fantasies are something I really love. I even have had Jack suck cock, so men sucking other men, learning . . . → Read More: Men Learning to Suck Cock

Jack’s Fateful Trip

Come along, the glory hole awaits….

Jack Goes To The Glory Hole

So there my wonderful subby was, on his knees, waiting for a big dick to pop through that hole.  Naked, in bondage, with his hands secured behind him.  His first trip to a glory hole, waiting to serve up some hot . . . → Read More: Jack’s Fateful Trip

Bisexual Domination

Do I look like I wouldn’t torment a pussy?

I’m An Equal Opportunity Dominatrix

That’s right.  If you weren’t already aware – and seriously, if you’ve read my blog or talked to me, how couldn’t you be? –  I’m bisexual.  I like women and men.  My relationships with men are almost exclusively Domme/sub.  . . . → Read More: Bisexual Domination