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You Want To Worship Your Mistress

You Want To Worship Your Mistress You Love Your Mistress’ Sexy Body

I know you do.  You kneel naked at my feet and I can see the hunger in your eyes as you wonder which part of me I’m going to have your massage, kiss and lick.  Don’t I look sexy sitting before you?  . . . → Read More: You Want To Worship Your Mistress

Foot Worship for Mistress

This fantasy describes a sexy bit of foot worship for Mistress Delia. I have said many times, I have a true fetish for a man with a foot fetish because I LOVE having my feet tended to. So this sexy and sensual foot fantasy is amazing to me, and a great foot fetish guide . . . → Read More: Foot Worship for Mistress

How To Worship My Boots

Boot Mistress

Now You Want To Worship My Boots?

My god, you sluts are never satisfied!  I let you worship me feet and legs, but oh, no, that just wasn’t enough, was it?  Now you want to worship my boots?  Will it never end with you?  Well, I certainly hope not!  Having foot . . . → Read More: How To Worship My Boots

How To Give Leg Worship

As Long As You’ve Done My Feet, You Might As Well Work On My Legs

Last post I wrote about how to worship me feet, and why.  Well, those slinky, spiky stilettos don’t only hurt my feet, they tire out my legs too!  So, before we get to that foot job, I need leg . . . → Read More: How To Give Leg Worship

Worship My Feet

How To Worship My Feet

Foot and Leg WorshipIf Your Into Feet, This Is For You

You know why I like my foot fetishists?  Let me tell you.  You all love seeing your Femdom in high heels.  You love how sexy it makes me look.  But, here’s a secret – standing and walking . . . → Read More: Worship My Feet