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No Orgasms Today!

You Won’t Let Me Cum, Will You?

I’m a Cocktease so of course I won’t let you cum!  You may think it’s a silly question.  Either because you know what my answer is going to be, or because you can’t believe someone would actually ask it!  I mean, who doesn’t want to cum, right?  . . . → Read More: No Orgasms Today!

Chastity Prostate Milking

Chastity Prostate Milking Sometimes Balls Must Be Drained

I know when your cock is locked in chastity, it can feel desperate like you are walking a tightrope, a fine line between obeying and breaking free with desperation and ache.

Now, a cockteasing bitch like me gets you all worked up, and those balls start . . . → Read More: Chastity Prostate Milking

Cumming Out Of Chastity

Cumming Out Of Chastity Worried About Being Cock Locked?

I know that some of you wannabe chastity slaves are worried about having me lock your cock up.  You’re afraid that when I finally click that lock on, your dick will be gone forever.  I will admit, once I secure that chastity cage, it will . . . → Read More: Cumming Out Of Chastity

Should We Make This “Lock”tober?

Should We Make This “Lock”tober? Chastity For The Month

Chastity Mistress

Locking my sluts, submissives and sissies into chastity is something I love to do!  Since we have Masturbation May, I think it’s only fair that we make October, “Lock”tober.  Knowing that your cock will be locked away for an entire month, and . . . → Read More: Should We Make This “Lock”tober?

A Chastity Slave Cums

When A Chastity Slave Cums

Chastity Challenge Fail. I had a call the other day with one of the participants in my chastity challenge.  He wanted to be teased, edged and denied, but he didn’t quite follow directions – and he CAME!  How about we let him tell you…

A Chastity Slave Failure

I was . . . → Read More: A Chastity Slave Cums