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A Chastity Slave Cums

When A Chastity Slave Cums

Chastity Challenge Fail. I had a call the other day with one of the participants in my chastity challenge.  He wanted to be teased, edged and denied, but he didn’t quite follow directions – and he CAME!  How about we let him tell you…

A Chastity Slave Failure

I was . . . → Read More: A Chastity Slave Cums

Chastity Challenge Continues

Chastity Challenge Continues


Did you think Ms. Delia was going to let you cum? I was chastity slaves…I really was. When I started you on you chastity challenge back at the start of December, I really intended to release you on New Year’s Day, to let you have a full, satisfying . . . → Read More: Chastity Challenge Continues

December Chastity Challenge

December Chastity Challenge

If you don’t think you’re up for my Orgasm Challenge, I think this challenge will be MUCH more your speed!

Let My New Picture Get you HARD!

Oh, I know, my orgasm challenge is pretty tough.  We’re talking 73 orgasms in 7 days – that’s a lot of cumming! . . . → Read More: December Chastity Challenge

The Spring Chastity Challenge

How many days of chastity?

What’s In Your Chastity Basket?

It’s almost Easter strokers. Now, I know none of you gave up stroking for Lent – because I spent so much time over the last few weeks with you on the phone, on cam, and in sexy texts pulling your puds! Of course, . . . → Read More: The Spring Chastity Challenge

Edging To Exhaustion Report

I want you to edge!


I recently gave an Edging to Exhaustion Challenge to my blog readers, and I must tell you how very much I love getting reports on my assignments!

A wonderful slave to me, My e asked Mistress permission to do this task, and I allowed him to because . . . → Read More: Edging To Exhaustion Report