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Holy Trainer Chastity Device

The Holy Trainer

Just One More Way To Lock Up Your Cock

There are all kinds of devices to lock your cock up in chastity. The Holy Trainer is a new one I found recently. It’s a chastity cage, and it’s made of what they call “biosourced resins.” Now, what the hell does . . . → Read More: Holy Trainer Chastity Device

The Spring Chastity Challenge

How many days of chastity?

What’s In Your Chastity Basket?

It’s almost Easter strokers. Now, I know none of you gave up stroking for Lent – because I spent so much time over the last few weeks with you on the phone, on cam, and in sexy texts pulling your puds! Of course, . . . → Read More: The Spring Chastity Challenge

Ruined Orgasm

I wonder if I could ruin you forever?

Can You Ruin A Man With Ruined Orgasms?

I received a very interesting email the other day:

Dear Ms. Delia

Do you think you can ruin a man’s orgasms by ruining every single one? Like, if you ruined every orgasm he had, would he, ultimately, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm

Desperate Chastity Slave

Are You Desperate?

Your Desperation Makes Me Wet

I get so turned on when you’re desperate to cum.  The more desperate you are, the hotter and wetter it gets me.  It’s really evil of me.  Letting you think tonight might be the night…but knowing there is no way I’m going to let you . . . → Read More: Desperate Chastity Slave

Cock Independence Day Audio


Cock Tease Mistress

Cock Independence Day

Today I have on sexy red panties, a white shift dress, and I plan to make your balls blue for Cock Independence Day! I love to tease and deny as you know, and this audio will tell you about this special day, why I think cock . . . → Read More: Cock Independence Day Audio