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Clean Balls Bathtub Masturbation

Hot Masturbation

Nice and clean?

Did you like last week’s Masturbation Monday technique?  Is your cock all nice and clean?  I’ll bet it’s all hard again and you just want to know what this week’s stroking technique is, don’t you?  Well, since we got your cock so clean last week, how about we . . . → Read More: Clean Balls Bathtub Masturbation

Top 3 Tips to Help You Self Suck Your Penis

I have gotten three great tips from my blog readers and callers to help you self suck. Recently had the pleasure of watching a self suck enthusiast on webcam. He let me know that his wife loves to watch him, and often had him show off for her! I can understand that because it . . . → Read More: Top 3 Tips to Help You Self Suck Your Penis

Perils of Self Sucking

Be Careful What You Wish For

Or just be careful!  So many of my callers want to suck cock, but they’re…oh, let’s call it self-centered.  They only want to suck their own cock.  Now, if you were a faithful reader over last summer, you know I did a whole series on how to suck . . . → Read More: Perils of Self Sucking

Close to a Blow Job

Hot Masturbation

And As Close As You’ll Get!

That’s right my stroker sluts, this next masturbation technique is about as close to a blow job as you’re ever going to get.  Okay, as close to a blow job by a woman…I’m sure you’ve all sucked you own cock. This way, you don’t have . . . → Read More: Close to a Blow Job

Self-Sucking – The Finale

Finally Have Your Cock In Your Mouth?

Self Sucking

Able to do some self-sucking? Have you done all your stretching and yoga exercises?  Have you finally loosened up that back enough that you can now get your cock into your mouth?  I knew that a cock-sucking slut like you would just keep working . . . → Read More: Self-Sucking – The Finale