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Virtual World Cock Sucking

Making Your Cock Sucking Fantasy a Virtual Reality Suck Cock in a Virtual World

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the LDW Mistresses have branched out into the virtual world.  Check out our Virtual World Blog and learn all about it! For those of you with fantasies of sucking cock, you can . . . → Read More: Virtual World Cock Sucking

Humiliated by Dildo

It’s So Much Bigger, Isn’t It

Are you ready to be humiliated by my strap-on?  I’ll bet you are, I can see it in your eyes.  Thing is, I want to see it between your legs.  Go on, get naked for me, strip down and let me see how excited you are to be . . . → Read More: Humiliated by Dildo

Sharing A Cock

Sharing A Cock in A Call With Jack

I have done a lot of calls with my subby hubby, Jack.  Usually, those calls are reverse cuckolding calls.  One of my slutty callers wants me to cuckold him with Jack as the Bull.  The other day, I got a rather unique requests.  One of my sissy . . . → Read More: Sharing A Cock

Cocksucker for Mistress

Cocksucker for Mistress Delia

This cocksucker for Mistress blog was sent to me by kneelcc who is a wonderful submissive whom I am quite proud of!

He has learned so much about his submissive side, and embraces his submission.

Cocksucking is something he is passionate about! Enjoy the read. 

Recently Mistress . . . → Read More: Cocksucker for Mistress

Weekend Cock Sucking Challenge

This weekend cock sucking challenge is a fun one for me, and a VERY easy one for you! I am usually out and about running errands on weekends, and I often think about my sluts and submissives doing everything they can to follow orders over the weekend and please their Mistress. This weekend I want to . . . → Read More: Weekend Cock Sucking Challenge