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Cocksucker for Mistress

Cocksucker for Mistress Delia

This cocksucker for Mistress blog was sent to me by kneelcc who is a wonderful submissive whom I am quite proud of!

He has learned so much about his submissive side, and embraces his submission.

Cocksucking is something he is passionate about! Enjoy the read. 

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Weekend Cock Sucking Challenge

This weekend cock sucking challenge is a fun one for me, and a VERY easy one for you! I am usually out and about running errands on weekends, and I often think about my sluts and submissives doing everything they can to follow orders over the weekend and please their Mistress. This weekend I want to . . . → Read More: Weekend Cock Sucking Challenge

A Date With Ms. Delia

This Date with Ms. Delia was inspired by a chastity sub, Andy who sent me this idea for a fantasy. Oddly part of it reminded me of an actual date I’d had a while ago, so do enjoy this collaboration! I loved that someone had a fantasy similar to something I had done! Enjoy.

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A Cocksucking Tease

How Badly Do You Want To Suck Cock?

Want To Cum?

Oh, I know you do!  All you strokers are the same.  Controlled by your own cocks.  You begged me to be your Cock Control Mistress, so now I get to say when you’re allowed to cum.  You’ve done an amazing job showing . . . → Read More: A Cocksucking Tease

Cuckolding The New Cocksucker

Where Are You Going To Find Cock? Ooooh, I Know!

Where Are You Going to Find Cock?

So, we’ve trained you how to suck cock on my strap-on dildo, and honestly, I’m quite surprised at your progress.  It’s almost like you’re a natural cocksucker.  Are you sure you haven’t done this before?  Now . . . → Read More: Cuckolding The New Cocksucker