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Masturbation Monday Triathlon

Have you all heard of the Ironman Triathlon?  It’s a world renown test of endurance.  People swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run a marathon.  So, it got Ms. Delia thinking – what if we did a Masturbation Ironman?

Hot Masturbation

Ruin 3 Orgasms

That’s the first part of the masturbation challenge.  . . . → Read More: Masturbation Monday Triathlon

What Does Ms. Delia Do For Thanksgiving?

The Fun Comes At Night

Will You Be Best In Show?

If you read my Thanksgiving post, you know what my plans were for the night – stuffing Jack!  But, I like to build the anticipation throughout the day, so I need something else to do.  It’s not all debauchery and bondage sex, . . . → Read More: What Does Ms. Delia Do For Thanksgiving?

The BEST Maturbator

Stroker Spotlight

Team Masturbation

I had an AMAZING call last week with a caller I am just going to call “The Best Maturbator”, or TBM for short.  TBM and I have done a few guided masturbation calls in the past, and he has proclaimed his goal to become Ms. Delia’s Best. Masturbator. EVER!  . . . → Read More: The BEST Maturbator

Begging A Mistress Results

I am pleased to report the results of my begging challenge. What I looked for most was humility and the feeling of complete submission. I received 14 responses, which together made ma a very happy, pleased Mistress! I admit I was wet after reading and judging. Four responses stood out, and I present them . . . → Read More: Begging A Mistress Results

Beg For Mistress Information

I sometimes need to do an informational post. There is so much going on and so many things that I am excited about, I had to share!

Keeping you in the know!!

First is my schedule for this week! Tomorrow I have the great fortune of heading to a baseball game! But this . . . → Read More: Beg For Mistress Information