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Size Queen

You ARE A Size Queen Big Dicks Always Get Your Attention

Time For Ruining Orgasms

Of course they do! You were scrolling through your emails and news feed, and  just those words about a big dick catch your attention. And I know when you’re surfing the Internet browsing at photos and videos, you’re always . . . → Read More: Size Queen

A Cuckold Sissy

A Cuckold Sissy A Cuckolding Journey

You are Cuckolded, Sissy!

Your hot wife has been cuckolding you for a long time now.  It started out with you waiting in breathless anticipation until she came home to tell you all about what she and her lover did.  Then, she started bringing them home, and . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Sissy

Little Rich The Cuckold

Little Rich The Cuckold Learned his Place AGAIN!

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about Little Rich the Cuckold Bitch, and how his cuck fantasy became reality! Reality was tough for Rich as he was introduced to the wonderful world of being a full-service cuckold. Happily over time, he really learned his . . . → Read More: Little Rich The Cuckold

Kay Marie Cuckold Guest Post

Hi Everyone! I am Mistress Kay Marie. Anyone who knows me knows I just adore cuckolds. It just warms my heart the amount attention they show to their wives/girlfriends’ needs. They believe wholeheartedly their ladies deserve nothing but the best and will stop at nothing to make sure they get it.

Of all the . . . → Read More: Kay Marie Cuckold Guest Post

Cuckolding Jack

Cuckolding My Way!

For a long time now, I have talked about how in the cuckolding dynamic, my subby hubby, Jack is not my cuckold, but always my Bull, and I am always the HOT Wife! I have had many conversations about this, and even challenges from other men who say they might . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Jack