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Cum Connoisseur

Let Me Tell You About My Cum Connoisseur

I have this caller…and we’re going to call him the Cum Connoisseur (or CC for short, because I’m not going to keep spelling out Connoisseur!).  When he first called me a while back, he was cum curious.  He hadn’t ever eaten cum, but he was very . . . → Read More: Cum Connoisseur

Creating A Cum Eater

Creating A Cum Eater You Get Hot Watching Women

I’m going to have you eating your cum for me.  Just imagine all this scene for a moment: Maybe you’ve gotten lucky and made out with a girl -or- you’ve been watching some hot lesbian porn most likely the hot lesbian porn! – all of . . . → Read More: Creating A Cum Eater

Ms. Delia Demands Cum Eating

Ms. Delia Demands Cum Eating You will Eat Your Cum For Me

That, my slut, is how you’re going to show me just how devoted to me you are.  You are not going to shoot your cum all over my clean floors.  You certainly aren’t going to deposit it on me!  And since I own . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Demands Cum Eating

The Enthusiastic Cum Eater

The Enthusiastic Cum Eater I Like It When You Eat Your Cum

Cum Toast For Mistress

I find a guy who eats his own cum to be so submissive.  Woman swallow, men don’t, but these guys slurp down their spunk just because their Mistress tells them to.  Now, some do it but obviously . . . → Read More: The Enthusiastic Cum Eater

Steak Blow Jobs and Pi

STeak and a Blow Job Day With Pie!

March 14th is the unofficial “Steak and a Blow Job” Holiday, and also, this year is National Pi Day. So the first ten digits of pi will be exactly aligned twice at 9:26:53 am and pm (3.141592653) Cool, right?

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