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Cum Connoisseur

Let Me Tell You About My Cum Connoisseur

I have this caller…and we’re going to call him the Cum Connoisseur (or CC for short, because I’m not going to keep spelling out Connoisseur!).  When he first called me a while back, he was cum curious.  He hadn’t ever eaten cum, but he was very . . . → Read More: Cum Connoisseur

Creating A Cum Eater

Creating A Cum Eater You Get Hot Watching Women

I’m going to have you eating your cum for me.  Just imagine all this scene for a moment: Maybe you’ve gotten lucky and made out with a girl -or- you’ve been watching some hot lesbian porn most likely the hot lesbian porn! – all of . . . → Read More: Creating A Cum Eater

Cock Sucking Cum Eating

Eat Cum for Mistress Delia!

Sometimes There Just Isn’t A Cock To Suck

I’m talking about a real cock! I know – since I had you go out and get a dildo to practice on – you always have a cock to suck, don’t you knob gobbler? Of course you do. I also . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Cum Eating

Cum Play for Cum Eating

I love when a guy asks me to help him eat his own cum! Are you curious about cum eating? Do you lose the urge after you cum, and NOT eat it? Well, that has got to stop! Cum eating and cum play are both very sexy things you can do to please your . . . → Read More: Cum Play for Cum Eating

Bound Cum Eating

Oh, you will eat that cum for me!

A Naughty Sub Won’t Eat His Cum

I think that one of the ways to show your submission to your Domme is to clean up your own mess, to eat your cum. She’s been gracious enough to allow you to shoot that load, the least . . . → Read More: Bound Cum Eating