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You Must Earn Your Orgasm

You Must Earn Your Orgasm

Orgasms Are NOT Guaranteed

Just because you’ve called me for a domination phone sex session, don’t think that guarantees and orgasm for you.  Look at my face. I do not grant orgasms simply because you beg for them. I mean that! Submissives and slaves under my control need . . . → Read More: You Must Earn Your Orgasm

Edging your Cock

Edge And Hold Back Cum

We’re going to train you to tease yourself to multiple edges – and to ride those orgasmic edges and maintain that

Mistress Delia

feeling.  Get naked and get comfortable, then start stroking your hard, throbbing cock.  Here’s my guidance on that – stroke however makes you feel good and . . . → Read More: Edging your Cock

Why Ms. Delia Loves Denial

 Denial is so Hard, Isn’t It

I know your cock is hard, slut!  I mean, being denied, not being allowed to cum, having to ask permission for something that’s out of your control.  I bet you wonder, how is it that I can keep you denied for a week, for a month, maybe even longer?  The . . . → Read More: Why Ms. Delia Loves Denial

Vote: Should panty puppet cum?

I have this loyal pet I call panty puppet.  He has a small little 5″ penis that cums really fast.  To try and cure him of his lack of stamina, and to punish him for his smallness, and his compulsive masturbation, every once in a while, I put him on a very intense edging . . . → Read More: Vote: Should panty puppet cum?