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Electro Play

Electro Play

Electro play can be an interesting way to spice up your kink routine. I enjoy the different sensations I can give, and the different toys that are available to be used for this sexy stimulation. Have you thought of electro orgasms or electro milking? The two main toys I enjoy are a . . . → Read More: Electro Play

Ms. Piper’s Naughty Guest Post

Ms. Delia and I have been training a new chastity sissy pain slut together! Talk about a versatile submissive! You can read more of his review over on Ms. Delia’s blog. There is just so much we have been able to do to this slutty toy!

Chastity and More Toys

Ms. Piper

. . . → Read More: Ms. Piper’s Naughty Guest Post