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Mind Fucking Set of Role Plays

Playing in Your Dreams

After a long tease and denial session, with so many ruined orgasms, my slave’s cock and balls have been drained. He lies, sleeping fitfully.  I know he’s fallen into a deep sleep, and it’s the perfect time to attach my new mind fucking dream generator to him.  As he begins . . . → Read More: Mind Fucking Set of Role Plays

3 Kink Resolutions for 2017

3 Kink Resolutions for 2017 Share a Naughty Fantasy

Have you been thinking of trying panties on for a LONG time? Maybe you have wanted to truly give up control of that cock, and become a well-controlled slave to Mistress. Maybe you are bored with your masturbation habits, and need a Mistress to guide . . . → Read More: 3 Kink Resolutions for 2017

A Sissy Housewife Fantasy

Do You Want To Be A Sissy Housewife?

Close your eyes, my pretty sissy.  Imagine you are at a wedding- and you’re the bride!  You’re dressed in frilly panties and bra, thigh highs, and covering it all, a beautiful wedding gown.  Oh, you don’t get to see the groom yet, this is an arranged sissy . . . → Read More: A Sissy Housewife Fantasy

Two Mistress Masturbation

Two Mistress Masturbation

As it is Masturbation Monday, I figured I would give you something very exciting to look forward to this Wednesday! We are having a Two Mistress special, essentially a BOGO on Mistresses and you can find out all the details in this sexy post.

Is Masturbation Better with Two Mistresses?

I would . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Masturbation

Cock Radio Marathon

A June 6th Cock Radio Marathon

There is a marathon going on TOMORROW! Cock Jocks, 12 hours of music, and even FREE CALLS. Yes, this is amazing news around the LDW Empire!

Want to know more? Read on!

The Cock Radio Marathon Schedule

Tomorrow, June 6th, LDW will have a Cock Jock Marathon . . . → Read More: Cock Radio Marathon