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Freaky Fetish Friday

You have some freaky fetishes!

Our First Freaky Fetish – HICCUP!

So, I wrote last week about some freaky fetishes, and the first one I ‘m going to cover is hiccoughing. This was the one that introduced me to Rule 24 of the Internet – if it exists, there is porn of it! . . . → Read More: Freaky Fetish Friday

Freaky Fetish Friday

You have some freaky fetishes!

Fridays Are For Fetishes

Freaky ones! I think just about every Mistress here has done an A – Z of fetishes on her blog. That’s not what this is about. Every Friday, I’m going to come up with some weird, freaky fetish that you may not have ever . . . → Read More: Freaky Fetish Friday

Steak Blow Jobs and Pi

STeak and a Blow Job Day With Pie!

March 14th is the unofficial “Steak and a Blow Job” Holiday, and also, this year is National Pi Day. So the first ten digits of pi will be exactly aligned twice at 9:26:53 am and pm (3.141592653) Cool, right?

Back to Steak and a Blow . . . → Read More: Steak Blow Jobs and Pi

Tied Up Tuesday

Think I Can’t Control You?

Keeping You Under Control

What do I think most defines me as a Femdom?  I think it’s my need for absolute and total control over you.  Now, you’ve willingly given me control of your cock, but I really want more.  Bondage – tying you up so you are . . . → Read More: Tied Up Tuesday

Tough Titties Tuesday

I want you to toughen up those titties!

I Like Nipples

I really like playing with nipples – men and women’s alike!  For men, it’s a great way to get them hard (okay, harder than they already are!) and horny without ever touching their cocks.  For many women, nipples are like a direct . . . → Read More: Tough Titties Tuesday