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A Cum Eater’s Breakfast

Cum! Part of A Well-Balanced Breakfast!

What a Wonderful Name For Cookies

Spunkmeyer – they just have a ring to them, don’t they?  I mean, there I am, minding my own business, when one of my callers says he wants to eat his cum – but he wants to do it in a very . . . → Read More: A Cum Eater’s Breakfast

Some Food Masturbation Fun

You’ll need a real banana…

Enjoy Your Ruined Orgasm?

Did you?  How many of you read ahead last week, and knew what was coming?  And how many of you just went off with the three fingered technique and discovered the ruined orgasm when you were cumming?  Well, no ruined orgasm this week, but . . . → Read More: Some Food Masturbation Fun

Food Fetish Fantasies

Food Fetish

A New Site

Did you know that we have a new site here at Enchantrix Empire?  It’s Food Fetish Fantasies and it’s all about vanilla – as long as you mean vanilla ice cream mixed in with your sex!  Oh, we can also do chocolate, or raspberry ripple, marshamallows and candied . . . → Read More: Food Fetish Fantasies