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10 Small Penis Mantras 2

10 Small Penis Mantras

Kevin, a very poorly endowed stroker understands his size is underwhelming, and he sent along mantras for me, that really did make me laugh! I love mantras for small penis humiliation! Honestly, I love mantras for all occasions.  The unlucky among the male species who possess a small penis would . . . → Read More: 10 Small Penis Mantras 2

Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Repeat after me, pindick…

I Truly Do Love My Small Penis Pets

Remember when I had all you pindicks sending me pictures of your tiny little appendages? I laughed hard for weeks! Having small penis pets is just so much fun – not because I can do anything with those oversized clits, but . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Jack’s Cum-uppance

So, as you all know, Jack treated himself to an early Christmas present – and I caught him ! So it was time to remind him just who it is who controls his cock!

What do you think? Did I let Jack cum?

A Week Of Chastity

If you read my post about . . . → Read More: Jack’s Cum-uppance

Do You Always Keep Slaves Naked?

Naked, Exposed and Excited Sllaves are the best!

Clothed Female, Naked Male

If you read enough erotica, or watch enough Femdom porn, you’d think that Mistresses are always dressed in leather bustiers, g-strings and thigh high boots – and submissives are always naked.  Now, that’s not to say that CFNM is not a . . . → Read More: Do You Always Keep Slaves Naked?

Ms. Delia’s Coerced Cum Eater

You WILL eat your cum!

Why Won’t You Eat Cum?

Besides the fact that you’re a disobedient brat that is?  You’re all alike.  You all say you’re going to eat your cum, I give you permission to cum, and then you won’t do it.  Is it the taste? It can’t be.  You say . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Coerced Cum Eater