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A Big Thanks From Ms. Delia

Big Thanks all from a Small Penis Post?

Do you all remember Kevin?  Back while I was on vacation, he kept you all entertained with his various musings on The Antidote For “men” of Small Penis. He went on and on, and gave you pindicks 10 ways to deal with your pencil dicks!  He . . . → Read More: A Big Thanks From Ms. Delia

What It’s Like To Be Ms. Delia’s Slave

What It’s Like To Be Ms. Delia’s Slave Do You Feel Like this When You Submit To Me?

I have my subby hubby, Jack, and I know how much he adores me, how much he craves my touch, how he loves submitting to me.  There are also many, many callers whom I think of . . . → Read More: What It’s Like To Be Ms. Delia’s Slave

A Domination Vacation

It’s Time For Another Domination Vacation

Well, sluts, strokers, sissies and slaves, it’s time for Ms. Delia to take Jack away for another Domination Vacation.  My subby hubby surprised me with a holiday cruise, so from December 12th through December 17th, I am going to be in the middle of the Caribbean, so . . . → Read More: A Domination Vacation

Reconnecting With A Mistress

Reconnecting with Mistress

Sometimes you have not spoken to a Mistress in a while. Maybe you have been trying out new Mistresses or have been experimenting with different characteristics like sensual verses strict. We Mistresses of LDW love when you explore, because when we get to reconnect, it makes our time so much more . . . → Read More: Reconnecting With A Mistress

BDSM Dynamic with one Vanilla Partner

Can a BDSM dynamic develop when one partner is vanilla? I was chatting in Yahoo IM with a very submissive man, and he asked a question that made me think!

His Question

How do u think a relationship/scenario goes between 2 people when they are not into bdsm other than during play time? In . . . → Read More: BDSM Dynamic with one Vanilla Partner