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It’s Masturbation May You Need to Check Out Enchantrix Perks

We have a new website here at LDW.  It’s called Enchantrix Perks.  Right there on the splash page, it tells you what it’s all about – Special Extras just for our loyal subs, slaves, sissies, cuckold’s and pets!  We’ll be posting contests, events, and . . . → Read More: It is MASTURBATION MAY!

You Love to be Cock Teased

Admit I Control Your Cock

Just admit that you love the torment.  Tell me you’re kinky playtoy.  You like being teased.  You like being edged.  You like being ruined.  You like being denied.  You love obeying a cock control Mistress like me.  In any other situation, with any other woman, you’d love to take . . . → Read More: You Love to be Cock Teased

What Cock Control Really Means

No More Masturbation

Okay, not really.  It’s just that, now that I have control of your cock, masturbation is no longer a solo thing. From now on, your stroking will be under my explicit instructions – guided masturbation, if you will.  You will not touch or play with your cock unless I tell you . . . → Read More: What Cock Control Really Means

Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Orgasm vs. Ejaculation

One of the things a good cock tease knows is the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.  Despite what most men think, they aren’t the same!  As a male, you really don’t want to orgasm! You want to ejaculate.  It’s biological and hardwired into you by millions of years of evolution.  Ejaculation . . . → Read More: Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Hotel Room Cocktease

Hotel Room Cocktease

Recently, Jack was able to take me along on one of his business trips…and I had a bit of an adventure while he was out!  I was going to meet him and some of his work peeps for an elegant dinner…and I found a “peep” of my own – a Peeping . . . → Read More: Hotel Room Cocktease