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The Masturbation Dice Game Challenge

What is The Masturbation Dice Game Challenge? Oh it is FUN! I assure you! You need to go online and find a random number generator or dice rolling program.  You either need to choose random numbers between one and ten, or roll 10 sided dice.

How to Play the Masturbation Dice Game


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Mistress Of The Week Teasing Challenge

Mistress of The Week

Mistress Of The Week

Did you know that this week – May 18th to May 24th I am LDW’s featured Mistress of The Week. What’s that mean for you? Well, two things. One is, if you do a call with me – and after I tell you the second . . . → Read More: Mistress Of The Week Teasing Challenge

More Tease And Denial For Jack

How much teasing could you take?

Teasing To Get Those Balls Churning

After his panty wearing shore excursion, and the massive load of cum that erupted from his balls, I figured they needed to be re-filled. As a cockteasing bitch, I know nothing will get a submissive strokers balls churning out spunk like . . . → Read More: More Tease And Denial For Jack

Weekend On The Edge

I want you to edge like Jack!

Can You Edge Like Jack?

You all know now what happens when you have an unauthorized orgasm on Ms. Delia’s watch! That last day, when I edged Jack over and over? Well, my poor sub didn’t know if I was going to keep tormenting him or . . . → Read More: Weekend On The Edge

Dick Dancing

Dick Dancing is a masturbation technique sure to get you through the doldrums of summer! Who doesn’t like to dance? When adding music to your masturbation, it adds a bit of fun! This technique was shared with my by whack off boy, and I have put it together for you here!

Dick Dancing!

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