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7 Days of Stroking

Here we go, sluts!  Your first 7-day challenge.  Make sure you follow all the instructions.  This week’s challenge is about stroking, it’s not necessarily about cumming!

Sunday – Lube It Up

I want you to buy a lube you are not used to using.  The wonderful and sexy Ms. Constance has a whole page . . . → Read More: 7 Days of Stroking

12 Days of Sexmas, Finished

Did you enjoy your New Year’s Eve orgasm, slut?  I hope so because it’s going to be four more days until you cum!

New Year’s Day – Smooth Sailing This Year

I want you to start off 2018 all smooth – so go ahead and shave your cock and balls!  Bonus points if you . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Sexmas, Finished

12 Days of Sexmas. Part 3

December 29 – Oh, More Pain

Did you really think I’d allow you pleasure on the sixth day of Christmas?  You see, I went back and checked my list (forgot to check it twice on Christmas Eve – I was so busy!), and you’re on the naughty list, stroker!

You really have been a . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Sexmas. Part 3

12 Days of Sexmas, Part 2

Boxing Day – Servants Are Rewarded

That’s December 26, sluts.  The day all the servants get presents.  My present to you the day after?  Get naked for me, then get on all fours.  Stroke and edge 5 times, then you can squirt that load right into your hand.  Now reach behind you and drip . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Sexmas, Part 2

12 Days of Sexmas, Part 1

Some Holiday Fun For My Slaves

Too Cold Now!

Are you ready, my subs and slaves?  It’s Ms. Delia’s 12 Days of Sexmas!  Starting on Christmas Day, I’m going to give you Femdom instructions on how you can make your holidays cheery and bright!  Make sure you check back frequently this week to . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Sexmas, Part 1